Weave and Mend

The annual 3 day Weave and Mend event occurs in the 1st weekend in October is organised by the Wednesday Women Weavers and is a three-day weekend of workshops. The festival also features food and acoustic music. It is community based with the initiative focused on Weaving and Mending the fabric of their society. All donations to Young People’s Arts Trust Fund, established 2005.

Come to Nimbin’s Weave and Mend Festival, to see a whole range of people and skills being employed in making, creating, recycling, re-using, repurposing, and mending everything from baskets to clothing.

To quote Granny Breath Weaver,

“Let us imagine love, beauty and harmony around our world, around Earth Mother. Let us imagine a silken web of peace, woven with our hands, around our Mother Earth.

Challenging times are upon us all. Earth Mother’s electomagnetic field (aura) is being upset, perhaps destroyed by our current technology. Millions of beings including humans are being visibly affected to the point of madness which leads to war – war with each other and war with ourselves.

When we sit weave and mend on Earth Mother we hold sacred ground. Stitch by stitch, row by row, we can mend the holes in our electromagnetic field and the gaping holes in Mother Earth’s aura. As we weave we will dream the seeds of our future without madness, without poisons, without mining, without the technologies that are destroying life and lives.

For all our children we will weave a web of love, beauty, harmony and balance. This is what we imagine with our minds. Mind before Matter is what matters.

Our Weave and Mend Festival is on again at the Djunbung Gardens Permaculture Centre. It’s a three day camp, entry by donation, and continual two hour workshops. We have local and guest weavers using weaving techniques taught to us by the original traditional owners from Australia and other countries.

We will have natural dyeing demonstrations, music, a campfire, food and drink (and access to Nimbin village). Bring along a blanket to sit on, scissors and needles (metal and bone) are for sale, facilities close by. Visitors are welcome and if further information is required, ring Granny Breath Weaver on 6689-7129

The Weave and Mend Festival is organised by Wednesday Women Weavers who meet on Wednesdays at the Nimbin Community Centre. Our festival is sponsored by the Nimbin School of the Arts.”