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Liam Brehme


After living and working in the Nimbin community for more than a decade and operating the local backpackers for much of his time, Liam Brehme has become an active part of the community. He now operates Qwrki, a small portfolio company that specialises in developing operational and digital infrastructure, growth asset development, web development, and applied systems thinking.

His main objective is to assist ethical businesses in optimising their operations and growing sustainably. Liam is also a co-founder of the Natural Design Research Institute, Advanced Hemp Technologies, and Fire Lore. These organisations are focused on promoting environmental and cultural development initiatives.

Liam's particular focus is on creating de-centralised green energy systems and materials and working on economic and ecosystem restoration modelling related to Cultural Land Management and fire management initiatives. His goal is to use his skills and knowledge to drive positive change in his community and beyond.

Liam Brehme
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