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Samantha Allen


Sammi decided to move to Nimbin six years ago after doing a permaculture course in the Channon. She immediately fell in love with the people, the landscape, and the sense of community. Sammi is a proud herbalist, and is the new owner of the Nimbin Apothecary. The Apothecary is a community resource, and has provided locals and tourists with herbal medicine, natural therapeutics and holistic health support for over 30 years.

Sammi believes that everyone should have access to natural medicine and health care, and this ethos runs through  the apothecary, where customers have access to qualified naturopaths and herbalists, who love and share their knowledge in the name of herbal education and health autonomy.   Sammi is the newest member to the Chamber and looks forward to becoming part of the evolution of the Nimbin community. She is very grateful for the support she has received as a new business owner in Nimbin, and would love to return the favour by supporting Nimbin and its people prosper.

Samantha Allen
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