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Realines Chopping Boards

288 Crofton Rd Nimbin 2480

0434 860 589

Handmade manufacture of Chopping Boards using Camphor Laurel, different types of Eucalyptus and Silky Oak. All the steps are made by us including tree felling, milling into slabs, drying for over a year and then turning the slabs into Chopping Boards. We also make bench tops and table tops.

At ReaLines Chopping Boards, we offer you the best quality boards by a strict quality control process. The first step in achieving high-quality chopping boards is the practice of naturally air drying the timber slabs for a minimum of one year. Unlike kiln drying, this slow drying process allows the slabs to obtain an optimal moisture level without 'stressing' the timber. The trees are cut into logs, then milled into slabs and dried on our premises.

The next stage is to carefully handcraft each board paying particular attention to shapes and sizes and best use of each individual slab. All our boards, with exception of Handle Boards, are a single piece of wood cut straight from a slab. Through this method, we obtain maximum strength and reliability. No joints = no splits. The handles of our 'Handle Boards' are mostly made of local Red Cedar and screwed directly onto the Camphor ensuring stability and durability.

An additional fantastic quality of this timber is its natural oils having strong antibacterial properties, making them especially appropriate in the kitchen environment for any type of food. The boards have a special natural pleasant distinct aroma with colours naturally occurring in the wood which will remain for years to come. Due to the differences in the timber, every board is unique as every individual tree has different tones, colours and textures.

We craft most our ReaLines Chopping Boards out of the Camphor Laurel tree. Furthermore we work with various timbers including several types of Eucalyptus, Bloodwood, Silky Oak, Black Wattle and others. All the timbers are local. As the Camphor tree is considered a weed in this area, there is a clear environmental benefit to log it, allowing space for ecologically important species of trees to grow and regenerate. The boards lengths vary from ExtraSmall (250mm), Small (300mm), Medium (350mm), Large (400mm) to ExtraLarge (450mm) and bigger. We also craft 'Pizza Boards' (305, 350 and 385mm diameter) and 'Paddle Boards' (300mm). Every board is finally sealed with Grapeseed Oil.

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