Buy Local

Studies have shown that money spent at a locally owned business stays in the local economy & continues to strengthen the economic base of the community. “BUY LOCAL NIMBIN” is an initiative to identify, promote & support locally owned enterprise to secure stable, sustainable & abundant regional economy. It aims to:

  • Market the concept & benefits of buying locally.
  • Promote local enterprise.
  • Provide a recognisable mark if identification for locally owned businesses & products.
  • Provide a forum for communication between local businesses & producers & facilitate the exchange of local goods & services.
  • Develop a network of distribution for locally made products.

Why Buy Local?

*The Multiplier Effect : Money spent at a local business is three times more likely to re-circulate within the local community. Buy Local.

*Economic Stability : Less reliance on outside inputs and less subject to external economic fluctuations.

*Foster local Job creation : Independent businesses create more jobs locally and are the largest group of employers nationwide

*Encourage local prosperity : Entrepreneurship, innova- tion, self-reliance and inspiration for the next generation.

*Better Service : Local knowledge, experience and ac- countability.

*Invest in Community : Local business owners live in the community they serve – they are less likely to move pro- duction off-shore and are reliable generators of wealth, income and jobs, as well as securing property assets in lo- cal hands.

*Nurture Community : Local business owners and their employees are actively involved in their community— sporting clubs, schools and other community groups, as well as being generous supporters of charitable causes.

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