Nimbin Grassroots

“Nimbin Grassroots” is a project anchored by Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, aimed at making available to the world the best and most aspirational values of our community, as evident in its historical development since 1973.

These values are intentional community (their formation, structuring & practical operation), permaculture & family agriculture, sustainable industry (solar, water power, biofuel etc.), self-management & self-sufficiency (within reasonable limits), local trading currencies, our unique music and arts & crafts, home-birthing and the benefits of herbal healing including marijuana.

We believe the world needs to see these values in operation and to access information about “think global, act local” so as to minimize the need for governments, police, armies, financial manipulation, fuel consumption and supply-from-afar. In this attempt, we help the world and the world helps us.

This is a trickle-up, not an elitist project. The project relies entirely upon “Nimbin Grassroots” people uploading photos & videos of their everyday spontaneous activity, and supplying information, via a portal on the NCOC website. It is envisaged that here the material will be sorted into categories, indexed and made available free online upon a general “Sustainable Nimbin” platform which represents all the open democratic incorporated associations in the district.