Nimbin Murals

The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce works with a number of local organisations including the Nimbin Advisory Group, Nimbin Community Centre, Nimbin Aboriginal Cultural Central, Lismore City Council and local businesses and local artists to repaint and restore the colourful and iconic murals that are such a part of our street scape.

Nimbin is famous world-over for its colourful main street, its arts and its culture.

In partnership with the Nimbin Aquarius Foundation and the Rainbow Power Company in 2010 the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce founded the Murals Restoration Project. The purpose and vision of the project is to restore and add to the existing public art which presently enriches the lives of residents and visitors alike and to promote cultural and economic development in Nimbin by attracting an increasing number of Australian and overseas visitors.

Nimbin Chamber of Commerce and the Nimbin Murals Restoration Project also recognises that the support to local artists and muralists contributes to economic and cultural integrity of Nimbin.

The Project Draft Plan provides a framework for restoring existing murals and increasing the levels of public art in Nimbin. It is to be used for commissioning new works, restoring existing works, collection management and maintenance by muralists and artists, and support from other interested parties such as Nimbin commercial property owners, businesses, sponsors and community organisations, the Lismore City Council, Nimbin Chamber of Commerce/ Murals Restoration Project, the Nimbin Central and other local schools, and the funding bodies.