PO Box 20433, Nimbin, NSW 2480

The Committee

The current committee were elected by the membership in November 2017. Our next AGM will be in November 2018. To vote at the next election or to apply to join the next committee click here to join the Chamber of Commerce.

Diana Roberts – President

Diana is a naturopath who established Nimbin Apothecary almost 30 years ago with the aim of making herbal medicine accessible and affordable for the local community. Providing a much valued over-the-counter herbal dispensary, Nimbin Apothecary was the first of its kind in the region and the associated online shop has extended this service farther afield.  Passionate about building resilient communities, sustainable development and environmental protection, Diana’s community involvements are extensive and span more than forty years.

Teresa ‘Bizkit’ Biscoe – Vice President

Teresa Biscoe representing the interests of Coordination Cooperative Ltd and the Rainbow Cafe site. I have lived and worked in the area for over 27 years and have always been involved in volunteering for community interests in that time. I joined the Chamber because of my passionate interest in my village and a concern that development was increasing in the village as was the deficits in infrastructure and there didn’t appear to be an adequate venue to explore and express these concerns in other community based groups. I am a firm believer in Localism and feel that incorporating our community values and voices into planning development and infrastructure will provide sympathetic and sustainable development that will ensure the ecological and economic viability of the village and the lifestyle choices we made when coming to this area.

David Spain – Secretary

David Spain holds Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees in law and was admitted as a barrister in 1972 but changed rolls to solicitor in 1983. Having been ‘balloted in’ to kill the Vietnamese, he hated the Establishment and dropped out in 1973 to join the hippies at Tuntable Falls in an effort to grow own food & build a lifestyle that didn’t need governments or lawyers. This project is taking longer than expected, due to the high price of land and easy welfare systems frustrating initiatives, so in the meantime David and his son Jonathon practice as Nimbin Law.

Peter Hughes – Treasurer

Peter Hughes is the Treasurer of the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce. He is also the accountant at Nimbin Tax and Accounting.

Cat Anderson – Committee Member

My name is Cat Anderson and I have been in Nimbin for about 20 years. I have been involved with the community for most of that time. When I first came, I ran the markets at the community centre and made coffee at The Oasis. I have worked at numerous places in Nimbin and enjoyed 5 years at the fantastic Nimbin Neighbourhood Centre. I moved away for a few years for family commitments but have been back about six months. I am currently managing the shop at the Nimbin Hemp Embassy. I love Nimbin, some of the best people in the world live here.

Stephanie Seckold – Committee Member

Stephanie Seckold set down roots in Nimbin to carve Eden from a cattle paddock in 1992. While passing through the usual Nimbin pioneering process of building shelters, raising a baby and growing gardens she has also created several small businesses -plant nursery (twice), cafe (twice) and generally sticking her fingers into as many creative pies and wearing as many hats as her spinning head can keep on. Currently playing at market coordinator for the monthly Nimbin market as well as the weekly Nimbin Farmer’s market, Steph may well pop up anywhere, sprouting new ideas and germinating the seeds of the latest project for her favourite funky town.