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David Hyett - President

Greetings to all of you, the esteemed individuals who take the time to delve into the written word.

Greetings to all of you, the esteemed individuals who take the time to delve into the written word. In preparing this monthly chat, my mind has been racing, grappling with the ever-evolving landscape of global events which inevitably trickle down to impact the community.

During my 25+ years at Nimbin, I’ve engaged in discussions that teeter on the edge of eccentricity, only to see them embraced by society later on.

Currently, the headlines are ablaze with topics ranging from petrol wars and migration to pandemics and gender inequality, along with a breadth of issues from climate change to artificial intelligence, which often leaves me feeling mentally exhausted.

Yet amidst the whirlwind, it’s surprising to note the minimal coverage given to the acceptance of marijuana as a health aid.  

A significant proportion of the population in Australia can now obtain prescriptions to help with ailments, which include PTSD, depression, bipolar, childhood seizures, and Parkinson's, to name a few. After being prescribed, Patients can visit the chemist or have flowers or tinctures delivered to the door. 

Who would’ve thought such a scenario possible, and why the lack of media attention? 

With the shift, local producers may see decreased demand, impacting the local economy.  It’s time for the pioneers in the wellness industry to step up and legitimise their activities or risk obsolescence.

Fortunately, Nimbin is graced with an extraordinary community capable of weathering any storm.

Other items of local interest include 

Collaboration between the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, Lismore City Council, and various state govt bodies has sealed several positive outcomes for the village.

The Wayfarers project makes strides.

 An unused grassy bank in front of the Greenbank has been transformed into a charming mini Park Providing a peaceful retreat for locals and visitors alike.

Rainbow Walking Trail is progressing steadily, promising to offer tourists a captivating experience beyond the main thoroughfare. While there have been significant challenges with Flora and fauna, remediation will be enacted. The benefits to the community far outweigh any drawbacks. 

On the entrepreneurial front 

Nimbin Women in Business hosted another highly successful meet-up, drawing 25 women eager to network and support each other’s ventures. 

This event served as a platform for local women in business to connect and grow and spotlighted the invaluable contributions of female entrepreneurs to our local economy. Through engaging discussions, collaborative opportunities, and celebrating local talent, we reinforced Nimbin's identity as a community that champions diversity, empowerment, and economic resilience. 

Last, I welcome our newest chamber member, Gianna Patel, of My Dream Adventures, a boutique travel agency specialising in custom-made itineraries in Australia.

Together, we are more vital if you own or run a business, and then in the area, please consider joining the chamber and adding your voice to support outcomes that are good for the village we love.

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