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Membership Criteria

To become a member of the organisation, individuals can apply as a Business Member, Community Member, or Honorary Member, each with distinct criteria and benefits.

To become a member you must be:

  • A Business Member;

  • A Community Member; or

  • An Honorary Member

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Membership Criteria

If the Board approves an application for Business Membership, the applicant will be admitted as a Business Member upon payment of the membership fee. A reference to the Board in regard to the consideration of Membership applications includes a reference to a Membership sub-committee appointed by the Board from time to time.

The Board may reject any application for Business Membership without providing any reasons for that rejection.

Every applicant for Business Membership must:

  • conduct, or be involved in, business operations within the Nimbin area;

  • have an ABN, save that upon request the Board may waive this requirement in respect of a genuine but small business;

  • submit an application form to the Chamber, and provide such other information or do such other things necessary in support of their application as required by the Board from time to time.

For the avoidance of doubt, a person may be involved in business in the Nimbin District if the locale of that business is based there, or if its trading there equates to 50% or more of its activity, or if the person genuinely resides there (wherever the business is situated), but the mere registration of a business or trading name including the word ‘Nimbin’ shall not of itself suffice.

Business Members have voting rights and they or their representatives may propose a nominee or fill the office of Director.

Any person, whether or not engaged in business or commercial enterprise, may apply to be an Honorary Member or a Community Member of the Chamber in the form nominated by the Board from time to time, (see form Appendix 2 to the Constitution).

If the Board has approved an application to be a Community Member or an Honorary Member, the applicant will become a member upon payment of the applicable membership fees (if any) that are relevant to that class of membership.

Community Members and Honorary Members have no voting rights and cannot propose or be a nominee to fill the office of Director.

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