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Summerland Bank

56 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW, Australia

1300 728 728

Summerland Bank is a braver kind of bank - owned by customers, operated by locals, and driven by purpose. Founded as a credit union in 1964, and now as a customer-owned bank in 2023.

Our mission remains the unchanged: to help people realise thier potential as individuals, families, business owners, and members of a thriving and connected Northern Rivers NSW and regional communities

The team at Summerland Bank is, and always has been, an extension of the community in which it operates. From the kind, knowledgeable, skilled, and approachable branch staff, to the customer service voices over the phone — we are always in the customer’s corner.

Summerland Bank was created to strengthen and support the local community; founded on a belief in the power of the collective. We share in the experiences, events and challenges of our customers, because we are our customers, we are our community.

Being customer-owned, our customers are our co-owners and our neighbours, and our team understands that strong communities rely on strong relationships.

At Summerland Bank, we believe that providing high-quality customer experience is an inside job, meaning our team is well cared for, so that they are best placed to care for our customers. Summerland Bank strives to be a great employer and an example to other businesses in our region, showing how to be a purpose-led business and create meaningful employment opportunities for locals.

Summerland Bank works with high performing and values-aligned members of the local community who understand what impacts their neighbours and how a bank can best support them. We are nimble, empathetic, proactive, and effective — always there to support our community through both prosperous and challenging times.

Across the organisation, we aim to service and strengthen a community that is equitable, cares for one another, and believes in the power of the collective.


Business Hours

Mon - Fri: 9.30am to 4pm

Closed for lunch: 1pm - 1.30pm

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