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David Hyett - President

This is my first Chamber Chat, having been elected as president of the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce at our AGM in late December...

For those who don’t know me, I am currently the owner of the Nimbin Bush Theatre Café which houses the Nimbin Visitor Information Centre, and I am very enthused at the prospect of representing Nimbin in what I see as the role of front person of the Nimbin business community.

The village has many very vibrant and active businesses fronted by the retail sector on the main street and going way beyond into many less obvious arenas such as the trades, which include building, electrical and plumbing, cleaning, farming, primary production, accommodation, food processing, tourism, retail, entertainment; on and on it goes.

The Chamber currently has 60 members, which is quite strong for a village of our size. I do feel however that we are able to at the very least double the size of our participants and therefore strengthen the bonds between Nimbin businesses, which will bring dividends for all.

A healthy business community means more employment, more opportunity for self-generated income, less reliance on outside players, extracting value from our community and providing more opportunity for our youth to grow and be mentored by the successful players in the space.

The resources that are available to the Chamber are able to be shared with local businesses, making both businesses and the community as a whole stronger.

2022 Committee

Joining me in this year’s Nimbin Chamber of Commerce roles of responsibility are: 

  • Teresa Biscoe, Vice-President (Co-ordination Co-op); 

  • Peter Hughes, Treasurer (Nimbin Tax & Accounting); 

  • David Spain, Secretary (Nimbin Law);

and ordinary but not-so-ordinary members: 

  • Diana Roberts (retired supposedly),

  • Kylie Cain (The Green Bank),

  • Caroline Todd (Hemp Embassy), 

  • Sammi Allen (Nimbin Apothecary and Clinic), 

  • Tash Fuller (Nimbin Service Station),

  • Ellen Jones (Nimbin Herbs) and 

  • Jodie Tichbourne (Aquarius Cafe).

I look forward to working with the elected committee with the intention of making a positive difference to the fabric of our village.

Illuminate Nimbin

The first major event that I am able to announce, organised by the Chamber of Commerce utilising funding provided by the NSW State government, is the Illuminate Nimbin celebration event which will be held in Nimbin on Friday 11th March.

The vision of the Illuminate Nimbin event is designed to bring energy and joy into the centre of the village via a range of activities including food music, art and skate competitions, culminating in a lantern parade through the village.

The event will start at 4pm and run through to 9pm. All main street businesses will be encouraged to open during this time frame to add vibrancy to the event. For those who have had the pleasure of participating in or viewing the Lismore Lantern Parade, a sense of excitement will no doubt be brewing.

Huge thank you - Diana Roberts

I would like to finish off by giving my sincere thanks to Diana Roberts, my predecessor as Nimbin Chamber President, an amazing woman who has contributed boundless energy in her role as president of the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce over the last two years.

I have no doubt Diana’s inspirational force will not dissipate with her absence from the role of Chamber president. I am sure she will be in the background reminding me of my responsibilities over the next year or two.

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