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Community Disaster Plan

A plan to assist everyone survive disasters

Thanks in large part to climate change the dispersed, diverse, unique and growing community of Nimbin faces increasingly frequent and increasingly large natural disasters. This includes notable prolonged heat waves and droughts, sudden severe flooding, wildfires in rainforests, sizable landslips and torrential storm events. The way of living which has developed in Nimbin over years has allowed a freedom of expression and development of especially sustainable and environmentally low impact housing, development that has created problems associated with heavy vegetation, poor road access and inadequate infrastructure. However, the Nimbin community has an incredible resource in its people and its strong community connections, connections that provide opportunities to address natural disasters in unique ways. This disaster plan is designed to integrate community, individuals and the layers of government, providing a guide for action in the face of increasing natural disasters with links to reliable sources of information.

Nimbin Community Disaster Plan 2023
Download PDF • 1.93MB

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