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7 Sibley Street

7 Sibley Street, Nimbin NSW, Australia

0475 135 764

7 Sibley Street is a Social Enterprise Project of Nimbin Neighbourhood & Information Centre Inc. We are a 100% community owned and funded project committed to sharing information, resources and skills to promote all aspects of sustainable living, showcasing some of the best solutions our famous alternative village has to offer. The Sustainable

Living Hub project arises from the Sustainable Nimbin Community Plan (SNCP) - the result of community planning processes undertaken since 2009.

It is one of the key strategies to emerge from the process, incorporating many aspects of the SNCP.

What you’ll find at 7 Sibley Street

  • Our Shopfront/showroom featuring locally made and handcrafted products

  • Weekly skills-sharing workshops

  • Traditional craft supplies and equipment

  • Nimbin Seed and Plant Exchange

  • Plant Nursery with local rainforest trees (and Adopt-A-Tree option for visitors), fruit trees, edible and medicinal herbs

  • Demonstrations for urban permaculture gardens

  • Demonstrations for natural building structures

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