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Nimbin Business District Walk 2022 Report

Report from walk around Nimbin's CBD

July 2022

Special Business Rate Variation

SBRVL acquittal for 2022.

September 2022

Nimbin Special Business Rate

Funding Acquittal for the Nimbin Special Business Rate Variation Levy.

March 2021

Nimbin Policing for Nimbin Mardigrass

Congratulation letter to Lismore City Council about the policing of the Nimbin Mardigrass.

June 2021

Procurement Policy

Response to Lismore City Council's procurement policy.

July 2021

Covid Response Plan

Appreciation letter to Lismore City Council for the Public Health Teams response to Covid 19.

September 2021

Development Control Plan

Letter to Lismore Council on the Draft Nimbin DCP.

September 2021

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