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Nimbin Women in Business

Our central aim is to establish Nimbin Women in Business as a nurturing center for female entrepreneurs, with a focus on authenticity and collective growth. We are committed to amplifying success by exchanging insights, resources, and generating new opportunities within the Nimbin business community.

Launched by the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, Nimbin Women in Business held its inaugural meeting at the Nimbin Bush Theatre in July 2023.

Our core objective is to provide a supportive hub for women in business, emphasizing authenticity and mutual growth. We're dedicated to enhancing success by sharing insights, resources, and creating fresh opportunities.

Our network extends its arms to all female entrepreneurs in Nimbin and the nearby regions, regardless of your business stage. While Chamber Membership isn't mandatory, we highly recommend it.

Interested in upcoming events and activities?

For the latest updates, join our Nimbin Women in Business community on Facebook.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Network to connect and learn

  • Support individuals and business

  • Mentor to facilitate success

  • Grow personally and professionally

Our Values

  • Support

  • Courage

  • Sustainability

  • Celebration

  • Respect

  • Inclusivity

Our Vision

Nimbin Women in Business’s goal is to enhance knowledge and provide the opportunities for women to develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. We will host speakers, panel discussions, small group talks, and networking opportunities for women to increase their professional capacity and develop a support system. We will provide cross disciplinary perspectives for collaboration to take flight.

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