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Nimbin Women in Business

Our central aim is to establish Nimbin Women in Business as a nurturing center for female entrepreneurs, with a focus on authenticity and collective growth. We are committed to amplifying success by exchanging insights, resources, and generating new opportunities within the Nimbin business community.

Latest News


Women in Business Event at Church of Aquarius

On Friday, 10 May 2024, the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce hosted another inspiring Women in Business event at the Church of Aquarius in Nimbin. With 21 women in attendance, the evening featured an engaging session led by Jane Laverty, Regional Director, Northern Rivers, Business NSW.

The event began with an opening circle, allowing each member to introduce herself, share her offerings, and discuss current achievements, projects, or needs. This introductory segment, limited to one minute per person, fosters a strong sense of community and ensures everyone has the chance to be heard.

Jane Laverty's presentation was a highlight of the evening. She shared her personal journey, discussing how she balances career and family life, which resonated deeply with the audience. Her talk was interactive, providing an opportunity for attendees to voice political concerns and gain valuable insights from Janes extensive experience.

As a passionate advocate for the sustainable development of our region, Jane emphasised the importance of unity, prioritisation, and basing initiatives on factual data for effective communication and action.

The event concluded with a draw for the lucky door prize; featuring vouchers generously donated by Amanda Trang, Bozena Warzecha, and Aline Binetruy. This initiative not only added excitement to the evening but also highlighted the diverse offerings within our community.

The success of this event underscores the importance of maintaining this connection and meeting space for women in business. We look forward to continuing these gatherings and fostering a supportive and dynamic network.

Special thanks to Nikki Bernoth for capturing the evening in photographs.

Nimbin Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber is thrilled to announce the resounding success of our recent Women in Business event,  held on February 2, 2024, in the heart of Nimbin. This gathering brought together 25 dynamic and  inspiring women from various sectors to celebrate entrepreneurship, forge meaningful connections,  and share invaluable insights into the business world.  

Hosted by the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce and organised by our dedicated Women in Business  Subcommittee, the event epitomised community collaboration and empowerment. We were  fortunate to have the event catered by the talented team at Two Tarts Catering, providing delicious  food that underscored the importance of supporting local enterprises. Additionally, the  venue Church of Aquarius, offered the perfect backdrop for a day of networking and inspiration.  

The Chamber of Commerce is proud to have subsidised the event costs, ensuring accessibility and  inclusiveness. With ticket sales contributing to the funding, the Chamber further invested $200 to  cover the remaining expenses, highlighting our commitment to fostering a supportive environment for  women in business within our community.  

This event not only served as a platform for local women in business to connect and grow but also  spotlighted the invaluable contributions of female entrepreneurs to our local economy. Through  engaging discussions, collaborative opportunities, and the celebration of local talent, we reinforced  Nimbin's identity as a community that champions diversity, empowerment, and economic resilience. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants, organisers, and supporters who made this event a  remarkable success. The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce remains dedicated to supporting women in  business and looks forward to fostering further growth, collaboration, and success in our vibrant  community.  Written by Nicole Linder Photos: Photo Fables By Nikki J See our event here


Launched by the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, Nimbin Women in Business held its inaugural meeting at the Nimbin Bush Theatre in July 2023.

Our core objective is to provide a supportive hub for women in business, emphasizing authenticity and mutual growth. We're dedicated to enhancing success by sharing insights, resources, and creating fresh opportunities.

Our network extends its arms to all female entrepreneurs in Nimbin and the nearby regions, regardless of your business stage. While Chamber Membership isn't mandatory, we highly recommend it.

Interested in upcoming events and activities?

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Our Guiding Principles

  • Network to connect and learn

  • Support individuals and business

  • Mentor to facilitate success

  • Grow personally and professionally

Our Values

  • Support

  • Courage

  • Sustainability

  • Celebration

  • Respect

  • Inclusivity

Our Vision

Nimbin Women in Business’s goal is to enhance knowledge and provide the opportunities for women to develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. We will host speakers, panel discussions, small group talks, and networking opportunities for women to increase their professional capacity and develop a support system. We will provide cross disciplinary perspectives for collaboration to take flight.

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