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David Hyett - President

The clean-up is all but complete for the small number of Nimbin businesses who were affected by the recent floods...

The clean-up is all but complete for the small number of Nimbin businesses who were affected by the recent floods. Many thanks to all community organisations, mostly volunteers, as well as many others in our community who made themselves available for the clean-up.

Current state of play is that Nimbin Servo, Nimbin Motors, The Bowlo and Nimbin Candles are all back up and running,

The Bush Theatre Café is due to reopen in early May.

Trading in the village seems to be rather robust as people want to get out and enjoy the company of others after being isolated for some time. Let’s not forget however, the members of our community who are still in recovery mode with land slip impacts, lost driveways, fencing and infrastructure related issues.

If we all reach out to help our neighbours and friends, the pain will be less for them to bear.

By now it is so clear how much we rely on Lismore to provide goods and services needed by Nimbin residents. Everything from medical services, major building supplies, specialised retail and banking - the list goes on.  A quick trip to Lismore to pick up necessities or to attend appointments with professionals in many fields is not currently possible and many of us must travel to Gold Coast, Tweed Heads or Ballina.

As more Lismore businesses re-open and come back online, I feel it is incumbent upon us to support them. The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce is reaching out to The Lismore Chamber with the view of obtaining an up-to-date list of businesses that have re-opened, so that we as members of the Lismore wider community, can fully support flood affected owners of Lismore businesses trying to get back on their feet.

On the other side of the coin, the calamity of the floods is presenting opportunities to many businesses involved in the clean-up and re-establishment of Lismore and surrounds. In addition, Lismore businesses re-opening and servicing immediate needs are leading the charge towards invigorating and attracting prosperity in the town.

Nimbin also has an opportunity during this uncertain period. Our functioning and vibrant village environment is being accessed and enjoyed by our flood wary neighbours.  Let us make them feel welcome.

Back on the ground in Nimbin, several issues were raised during the last meeting of the Chamber.

  • The proposed replacement of the dilapidated seating at the blister with furniture suitable to the community’s needs as well as being more aesthetic.

  • Members agreed to provide $100 per month to assist the rental commitments on the Wai:Bal Cultural Centre at the Nimbin Community Centre Inc.

  • The village signage project is all but completed with most of the final decisions having been made regarding text content and location.

  • Nimbin Roots festival is slotted for 15th /16th October. 5% of ticket sales are donated to help Nimbin’s flood affected folk. Bookings

Nimbin Chamber of Commerce is the ideal vehicle for members of the local business community to have a voice in the wider world of commerce.

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