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Nicole Lindner


Nicole Lindner, a dedicated local resident of Nimbin for over six years, brings a unique blend of experience and passion to the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce. Now in her second year with the Chamber and serving as its Secretary, Nicole is deeply committed to fostering the growth and success of local businesses, as well as promoting Nimbin as a vibrant tourist destination.

With a background in strategic intelligence and applied research for the government, Nicole has a keen eye for detail and strategic planning. Her entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her successful venture, Contained In Nimbin Accommodation, which she co-founded with her husband.

Living on a flourishing permaculture farm, Nicole and her family nurture 500 fruit trees and various animals, reflecting her commitment to sustainable living. She is currently enhancing her expertise by studying for a Diploma of Sustainable Operations, aiming to transition her business into a net-zero operation by 2025.

Nicole Lindner

Thanks to Photo Fables for the photographic portraits of our Committee.

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