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Nimbin Herbs

60A Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW, Australia

0476 992 475

Nimbin Herbs is the new name for Happy High Herbs Nimbin. For more than twenty years our team has provided grassroots herbal education, with a special focus on consciousness and psychedelics, as well as herbs for mood, pain and sleep. This shop is a space where you can find carefully curated product lines, and engage in a conversation about the transformation of consciousness that is so deeply needed in these times on Earth. We are here to help, if we can.

At Nimbin Herbs we make use of multiple perspectives, weaving together the modern with the mystic, the traditional with the cutting edge. Our ability to do this is not some new-age mumbo-jumbo, but the result of experience and hard work over many decades. Perhaps it is because of this that people from all walks of life feel welcome in our shop and find themselves curious to learn more about herbs.


Business Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10.30am-5.00pm

Sunday: 11.00am-4.00pm

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