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David Hyett - President

The Chamber extends its commiserations to the members of both the Nimbin and Northern Rivers community that have been affected by the recent cataclysmic flooding event...

The Chamber extends its commiserations to the members of both the Nimbin and Northern Rivers community that have been affected by the recent cataclysmic flooding event. We would especially like to acknowledge and thank the many individuals who have been involved in the aftermath and clean up, and local community organisations:

  • Bushfire Brigades

  • Nimbin A&I

  • Nimbin Neighbourhood Centre

  • Nimbin CWA.

The carnage of the past few weeks is a reminder of how vulnerable we all are to the forces of mother nature, especially when we as a nation ignore the responsibility to contribute to achieving balance by observing best conservation and environmental practices. The cost of this disaster has not yet been fully revealed and will not be for many months or even years to come.

The flood had a big impact on myself as a business owner. The Nimbin Bush Theatre complex became as one with the river. We were thigh deep in water, the café fridges were floating, and river mud was everywhere. A similar situation existed at the Nimbin Service Station. However, before the black dog of depression had the chance to take hold, a band of caring patrons and community members came forward day after day, willingly giving their energy and skills to assist us getting things back into shape. We will be forever grateful.

To those in our community who have experienced loss of homes due to land slips or water inundation, please reach out for support. You are not alone. Fortunately, Nimbin is a caring community, that will join to assist those among us who have been impacted and are now in need. The Neighbourhood Centre is holding funds which have been donated via a friend of the Chamber for distribution to those most in need. If you need help, ask.

It is time for the community to shine, to excel in displaying our care for each other’s wellbeing.

Many valuable lessons have been learned or at the very least revisited and noted for further action. Service NSW has a range of support measures available to both business and the general public. They are contactable on 13 77 88 or They also have hubs in Lismore. In addition, Business NSW North Coast has set up a business hub at Southern Cross Uni campus where all businesses can go for support and advice on a wide range of issues.

Our thanks also go out to both Janelle Saffin, local member for Lismore, and Steve Krieg, Major of Lismore who both took time from their busy schedules to visit Nimbin to assess the impact and engage with our community. Also, a shout out to the Australian Defence Forces who were deployed to assist with the clean-up and repair of important infrastructure such as the Nimbin weir and replacement of 4km of pipes that comprise the main supply of the village’s water and were washed away in the flood. Hopefully rural consumers will have water again by the time this is out in print.

Illuminate Nimbin and more

The Illuminate Nimbin Festival which was planned for March has been postponed until 26 August 2022. August/September will be a busy period in our village as events go, a time to celebrate our recovery as a community. Events such as Mardi Grass which has been moved to Sept 16 to !8, the Nimbin fashion show, the World Cup Poetry, and Spring Arts festival will all occur during these months. Nimbin will be the place to be. The new village signage the Chamber has been working on should also be completed in time for these events, providing a fitting welcome to our guests.

Aquarius 50 years on

The 50th anniversary of The Aquarius festival is now just over a year away. The Chamber is currently canvassing expressions of interest in developing a program of events. If you are interested and would like to receive the EOI information, please email the Chamber

Community meeting with Lismore Council

The Chamber is also in the process of organising a community meeting with Lismore Councillors and staff to inform them about a range of issues important to our village. the future development and management of the village’s infrastructure. Currently slated for the evening of 2nd May, further details will be forth coming. Keep your eyes open for the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce Face book page which will be kept up to date with all future activities.

New members

Before I sign off a big welcome to the 3 new members of The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce:  

Rico Elliot – the Nimbin Plumber Ph 0459 356 270

Sophie Stouff - Colour consultant, painting, home scaping Ph 0422 799 451

Sandrine Rangeon – Rainbow Goats vegetation management 0457 624 824

A vibrant healthy business community provides a solid foundation for our youth. 

To strengthen our community please support local shops, markets and services with your business where possible.

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