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David Hyett - President

Nimbin Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary partnership of business owners and professionals working together and contributing towards a healthy local economy.

Nimbin Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary partnership of business owners and professionals working together and contributing towards a healthy local economy. Faced with adversity such as bushfires, pandemics and floods, Nimbin’s commercial sector has performed extremely well by maintaining goods, services and support to our community.

The best news received this month is that Lismore Council’s Economic Development Team was successful in securing a $500,000 grant for Nimbin street and pedestrian upgrades. Transport for NSW will collaborate with council and the local community throughout the project, assisting with the project design, implementation and evaluation. The trial project will start from December 2022 and be completed by March 2023.

The Nimbin Wayfinding Project will create a formal pedestrian access from the western carpark via the Apothecary laneway. It will fund beautification and seating upgrades for the Blister, and address traffic concerns around the pedestrian crossing. A ‘parklet’ outside of the Greenbank will encourage foot traffic and provide community seating for the Farmers Market.

Since last Chamber Chat, we’ve been active on many fronts:

  • Meeting with local and state government regarding the condition of our roads. The Chamber implores all residents to contact both State and Federal politicians as well Lismore City Council in an effort to have our roads repaired as a top priority to help with our economic recovery.

  • Tourism is our life blood, the pothole ridden entries and exits to Nimbin village are a nightmare to both visitors and locals alike.

  • Chamber members had a walk through the village to identify areas that could be improved to enhance local amenity as well as a better visitor experience. It was a rainy day so many drainage issues were evident, other items such as mural updates, improvement of the visibility of Alsop Park from the footpath, garden beds, the maintenance of the entry and exits to the village were discussed. A big shout out to Pixie for the wonderful work he has done over many years on the Northern entry.

  • The Visitor signage project is moving along well, featuring beautifully hand drawn signs. They are currently being created for placement in key locations in the next month or two.

  • Aquarius 50th anniversary program and planning report has been presented to the Chamber by David Hallet for discussion with the Aquarius foundation.

  • The Chamber website is constantly being upgraded to support local businesses with online sales and visitor information.

  • Nimbin’s public toilet block in the Community Center grounds has been painted, and the sharps disposal containers have been upgraded following requests to council.

  • The chamber has helped facilitate the removal of a couple of burned-out cars from the entries to town.

Future events to diarise are the Nimbin Mardi Grass, Nimbin Roots festival, and the Spring Arts Festival. More details will be provided shortly.

Nimbin Chamber of Commerce looks forward to a better, stronger and more vibrant village for our families and the community as a whole.

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