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David Hyett - President

Only a few days after winter solstice, the village celebrated “Illuminate Nimbin”.

Only a few days after winter solstice, the village celebrated “Illuminate Nimbin”. The mini festival was designed to energise the village. Organised by The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce, supported by Lismore Council and funded by the Dept of Planning Industry & Environment. With engagement from local businesses on a chilly Winters evening, it provided a night to remember for local families.

An array of entertainment was presented in the Town Hall and on the main street such as lighting displays, circus acts, street performance, local musicians and magic shows. Taste sensations provided by our cafés and local food vendors were enjoyed by all.

Participation in the festival by the community was amazing and exceeded expectations. The night was a “resounding success”. There are already calls for Illuminate Nimbin to become an annual event. The Chamber continues to support initiatives that reinforce community values.

The key takeaway for me was the observation of our unique and amazing community that we are all a part of. Our young folk are so willing to embrace and enjoy the freedom available to them in the safety of wider family, whilst adults engaged in conversations with friends in a relaxed environment.

There is a new wave of interest in upgrading the Nimbin Skate Park. In its day considered amongst the best in the region but has since fallen into disrepair and is now in need of serious maintenance. A local newly formed Nimbin Skate Park Committee Is currently seeking funding to repair the concrete and provide safe space for the younger skaters and learners.

Aquarius 50th planning is charging ahead after a community meeting bought all stake-holders together to assist in formulating a programme of events whilst seeking identification of funding opportunities.

Having recently attended several meetings with Lismore Council and State Government bodies I see that the issues following the floods affecting Lismore are not necessarily the same as those impacting Nimbin.

To assist our recovery and our community’s functionality the issue of road reconstruction and repair has been put front and centre in all forums - many local roads are either still impassable after the floods or in a state that endangers life.

To reinforce the aesthetic of the village,  the Chamber is seeking the services of mural artists to update some of the above awning art that the village has become famous for both in Australia and overseas.

Chamber members are conducting a ‘walk-about’ of the village in the upcoming week to conduct an audit on Nimbin’s visual and utilitarian functionality with the view to improving the villages appeal to both residents and visitors alike.

Already the public toilets have been identified as a disaster zone and discussions are taking place between council and the chamber to improve this facility.

A quick reminder before closing the 2021/22 financial year: Chamber membership renewal is due - letters are in the mail.

With our members’ support  we are looking forward to building a better, stronger and more vibrant village for our children and the community as a whole.

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