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David Hyett - President

Spring has sprung and Nimbin has shown what a vibrant, creative and inclusive community we are.

Spring has sprung and Nimbin has shown what a vibrant, creative and inclusive community we are. It’s been a busy month!After being cancelled in previous years like many other events, Mardi Grass remerged in September rather than May. Despite impediments accessing the village by road, many still arrived with their protest and party hats on to enjoy the hospitality our community provides.

A wonderful effort was made by Chamber member Mitch Hughes (Daily Printing Solutions) who, with an enthusiastic crew put on an incredible event at the Skate Park which included bands, DJ’s, skate competitions and plenty of entertainment for the youth and visitors. A shout out also goes to all the Mardi Grass volunteers, especially to Heidi and the Jungle Patrol crew for helping to keep the streets safe and clean.

Nimbin Performance World Cup Boy Renaissance, the winner of the 2022 Nimbin Performance World Cup represented youth with an impassioned delivery of a thought-provoking piece of prose which would cut it on any stage in the world to take out the Cup. The Nimbin Fashion Show The Nimbin Fashion Show filled the Nimbin Town Hall to capacity for both shows. An amazing array of fashion from kimonos to battle gear, underwear & swimsuits and beyond, the night was a buzz with amazing lighting and sound production. Congratulations to all involved.

Hanging Rock’s Got Talent A smaller scale event but equally engaging was the Hanging Rock’s Got Talent held at the beautiful community-built stone and timber hall. Many of the participants will go on to bigger and better things in the future if they stick to their chosen crafts. Blue Moon Cabaret and the Mardi Grass Great Green Cabaret These two events curated by David Hallett of the Nimbin School of Arts were an outstanding success, displaying the depth of talent drawn to the Nimbin village.

Spring Arts Exhibition If the cabarets weren’t enough for David, he also curates the Spring Arts Exhibition which is now in full swing at the Town Hall and is not to be missed. There were many red dots on items at the ‘Opening’ last week, indicating an appreciative audience. The exhibition runs through to the 9th of October.

Coming Up!! – Nimbin Roots Festival Next month the village hosts The Nimbin Roots Festival which attracts both artists and audiences from all over Australia. The headline acts this year include Ross Wilson of Mondo Rock and Daddy Cool. Ross was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1989, best remembered for the song, Eagle Rock. The other headliner, one of Australia’s best loved new wave bands, The Eurogliders, is remembered for their hit single Heaven (Must Be There). One of the main takeaways for me from all this activity (apart from the cultural significance), is that every village event brings in dollars from the outside world. This influx of funds helps support local businesses and therefor the wider local economy. Fortunately, we have limited extractive business’s taking value out of our community as happens in larger centres. The other observation I have is that as we move forward and our village develops, we are attracting a new generation of settler’s. Many of these people have skills, energy and capital to employ locals and to help make our community stronger. The Elders of this community will at some stage need to pass the torch on to a younger and more energetic generation who will maintain the values that makes Nimbin special and forge our path into a bigger brighter future for all.

The chamber welcomes new members Nic and Nicole Lindner, who, after purchasing their property 5 years ago on Gungas Road, have opened “Contained in Nimbin”, two much needed holiday cabins for visitor accommodation.

With our members support we are looking forward to building a better, stronger and more vibrant village for our children and the community as a whole.

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