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Chamber Chats August


David Hyatt - President

On Thursday, August 17, at 10:38 p.m., Nimbin experienced a fire event that could have taken out the whole town centre.

Imagine - no Emporium, chemist, credit union, Environment Centre, bakery, or organic store, to name a few of the businesses that nearly went up in flames if it had not been for a couple of quick-thinking individuals (Bennett Horsfield, Bec Cook and Jedda Bales) backed up by the Nimbin Bush Fire Brigade.  


On Thursday August 17 at 10:38pm, Nimbin experienced a fire event that could have taken out the whole town centre.

As a business owner, I was directly affected by the raging fire in 2014, which left a big scar in the centre of the Nimbin commercial precinct.  

The fire demolished iconic Nimbin businesses, Bringabong, The Nimbin Museum and The Rainbow Café.  An event of this nature impacts all of us: the owners of the premises, the operators of businesses, and the employees who had worked in the outlets, compromising utility, amenity, and beauty of the town centre.  


The Chamber of Commerce held a general meeting at the Nimbin Bush Theatre on Thursday, 31st August. Interested Community members came together to discuss our options as a caring community to mitigate the chance of another event of this nature. Details of the outcome of this meeting will be shared in the next issue of the Good Times. 


On the brighter side of the ledger,  

Some exciting developments have been occurring in the business community of Nimbin that need to be applauded. 

The storage and industrial sheds constructed by Johnathon Spain provide much-needed space for local business owners; Nimbin Building and Hardware, the site opposite the servo, signalling their confidence in moving into the village—the recent development at the Nimbin Valley dairy, promising to be a significant tourist attraction for Nimbin. 

The owners of these businesses are showing confidence, a belief that Nimbin will prosper moving into the future. 


As a community, it is in our interest to support these businesses to grow, each being able to provide jobs for the people of Nimbin, reduce travel costs to obtain services and supplies, and all attract dollars that will circulate in our community. 


In the future, we cannot rely on the revenue generated from the curiosity of Nimbin’s reputation as the place to score.  

Medical marijuana is now as easy to obtain as a flu vaccine. 

We need to reinvent ourselves, not throwing the baby out with the bathwater but looking for opportunities to use what we have that much of the developed world does not. 

Community is the No. 1 people seek connection; somewhere they can feel valued and appreciated.  

Natural beauty and environment are another; we have so much we sometimes take for granted that others will come to enjoy; we can guide them and provide the services that support their experience. 

With interest in Nimbin from outside comes opportunity; we need to be ready to consolidate our future and that of the youth of our community by providing goods and services aligned with our ideals and valued by those drawn to this place. 


Nimbin Women in Business

After a successful start with 20-plus members joining, NWiB has formed a sub-committee to discuss and plan the way forward for the group. Moving beyond a networking opportunity, events will be designed to improve skills in every facet of business development. 

Read more about Nimbin Women in Business here.

If you are a woman already in business or looking for inspiration and support, check out the NWiB Facebook group. 


Mural Artists 

One of Nimbin’s most loved attractions is the shopfront murals. There are over 25 in the village. The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce runs a mural renovation fund to renovate existing works and generate contemporary expression. We have just undertaken an audit of murals. We currently need artists experienced in mural work for both the regeneration of existing artworks and the creation of new murals for the village. 

If you or anyone you know is capable in this area, please get in touch with us at  


Event Listings  

Getting an event together, as does promoting it, takes a lot of work. Social media plays a big part in attracting and keeping people up to date with what is happening. 

If you are an event organiser or want to promote something special in Nimbin, Lismore Council can promote your event to a vast audience through their website The staff at the council's media team are very cooperative and will be happy to help with your listing. 


The Aether Agency 

Welcome to Wick and Rain from The Aether Agency, who now have a role in supporting the Chambers admin and marketing flow. We look forward to working with you both. 


Membership Dues  

The time has come again to renew memberships. Please visit the Chamber website for further details. 


Together, we are stronger.  

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