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David Hyett

As we approach the end of another year, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey our vibrant community in Nimbin has undertaken.

Photography by Photo Fables. As we approach the end of another year, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey our vibrant community in Nimbin has undertaken. The recent Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the Nimbin Bush Theatre was a testament to our collective commitment to shaping a prosperous future for our beloved village. 

Chamber of Commerce AGM Highlights: 

Our Growing Membership: I'm delighted to share that Nimbin’s Chamber of Commerce has seen remarkable growth in its membership. At the AGM, attended by 25 local business owners, we welcomed seven new members, bringing our total membership count to an impressive 84. This growth is a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Nimbin, alongside an appreciation of the ability of a strong Chamber to assist in shaping the commercial well-being of the village. 

Welcoming New Committee Members:  

The new committee members who will guide us in the 2023-2024 term 

  • Liam Brehme 

  • Nicole Lindner 

  • Ariescia Mathews 

  • Diana Roberts 

  • Aline Binetruy 

  • Caroline Todd 

  • Chris Ardill-Guinness 

We look forward to their valuable contributions in the coming year. Office bearers will be decided at the next committee meeting.


Honouring Outgoing Committee Members:

 A big thank you goes to outgoing committee members who have dedicated their time and energy to the Chamber's success. David Spain, who served as our secretary for over ten years, Peter Hughes, our Treasurer for 13 years, and committee member Samantha Allen have played pivotal roles in driving our initiatives forward. 

Pursuing Not-for-Profit Status: 

One significant decision made at the AGM was amending our Constitution to seek not-for-profit status. This strategic move will enhance our ability to secure support from funding bodies and external organisations. It's a positive step toward strengthening our role in community development. Supporting Local Organizations: In the unlikely event of the Chamber being dissolved, we want to assure our community that our assets will be distributed between two essential local organisations—the Nimbin Community Centre and The Nimbin Environment Centre. This commitment underscores our dedication to supporting vital community causes. 

A Visit from Mayor Steve Krieg:

We were honoured to have Mayor Steve Krieg from Lismore join us at the AGM. His high regard for Nimbin and gratitude for being invited to significant village events solidified our appreciation of Steve’s commitment to his role. The Mayor fearlessly addressed questions from our members, highlighting the remarkable confidence Lismore's business community has displayed following the recent floods. We acknowledged the importance of supporting Lismore businesses in the lead-up to Christmas and beyond.


Aether's Role in Digital Communications Management:

Recently appointed The Aether Agency who play a crucial role in our community by managing digital communications. They help us with internal organisation whilst managing social media on our behalf, along with that of the Nimbin Community Centre. Their expertise is instrumental in promoting our community most effectively. 

Nimbin Business Remarkable Achievements:

 Local accommodation providers “Contained in Nimbin” deserve special recognition for taking out regional and State awards. This commitment to quality in their field has put Nimbin in a positive light in the tourism world. We also congratulate Mountain Top Coffee for winning national Silver and Bronze medals for their locally-produced and internationally distributed-coffee.


Visit by Key Regional Tourism Industry Contacts

Destination North Coast’s General Manager Michael Thurston and Jackie Burnside, industry engagement manager, along with members of the economic development division of Lismore Council, will be visiting local Nimbin businesses to gain insight into the quality of Nimbin's offerings to the tourism market. The businesses selected to Highlight Nimbin’s ability to provide an enlightening visitor experience are; 

Arcadia Nimbin is a boutique combination of farm stay experiences and workshops. Contained in Nimbin, A multi-award-winning eco-accommodation business. 

Nimbin Valley Dairy: A whole farm experience 

Nimbin Bush Theatre Cafe: Garden to a plate dining experience 

Nimbin Candle Factory 

Djanbung Gardens, Home of Permaculture College Australia


Upcoming Women in Business Event:

 It's heart-warming to see our women in business thrive, with 74 members on the Facebook page—an impressive achievement for a village our size. The Women in Business event is scheduled for February 2, 2024, at The Church of Aquarius, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. 

The Draft Destination Management Plan (DMP):

Lismore Council are embarking on a strategic development plan for the Lismore local government area to 2028 and beyond. The intent is to maximise the benefits of tourism for the region, safeguarding its natural and cultural assets for local communities and businesses of Lismore Nimbin and villages now and into the future. Councils are seeking comments from businesses and the broader community. Council will be available for further discussion at a Business Engagement and Feedback Session. Tuesday 5 December – Birth and Beyond, 54 Cullen Street Nimbin, 8.30 am to 10.30 am Before this session, the full outline of the DMP is available for public viewing and comment on Review the strategy on Lismore City Council’s Your Say page. .


Supporting Youth Transitioning into the Workforce: 

Recognising the importance of guiding our youth into the workforce, we recently met with Nimbin Central School. Our discussions revolved around work experience opportunities and education programs designed to introduce students to roles that align with their interests. This initiative aims to provide valuable experience and support our young talent.


Planning for the Holiday Season: 

As the Christmas and the holiday season approaches, I offer a friendly reminder to assist in avoiding last-minute stress. Start planning your celebrations early, and consider supporting local businesses. Nimbin's circular economy ensures that the dollars you spend will return to our community. So, let's all make a conscious choice to shop locally this season. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Our journey in Nimbin involves collective growth and community spirit. We're excited about the future and respectful of the past as we work together to shape our destiny. I encourage you to participate in the Chamber’s upcoming events and initiatives, provide feedback on the Draft Destination Management Plan (DMP), and continue supporting local businesses. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow for Nimbin. 

David Hyett 

President Nimbin Chamber of Commerce

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