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Calming Tea supports a relaxed and tension-free mood by calming nervous system activity and reducing stress. With a pleasant lemony flavour, this tea is delightfully relaxing without being too sedating. It is a blend of aromatic European tea herbs known for their beneficial effects on the brain and neuroendocrine system.


An infusion of the tea is a bright blue colour due to the addition of the delightful butterfly pea flower!


Key herbs include passionflower to quieten an overactive mind, chamomile to soothe tension and fear and lemon balm to uplift the heart and nourish the nerves. Liquorice root supports the adrenal glands to function effectively.

Calming Tea

  • Ingredients: Passionflower, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Butterfly Pea, Liquorice Root, Lemon Verbena, Blue Cornflowers.

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